Whilst it’s true that most people have now accepted that we will be leaving the EU, it seems that HOW we leave is still up for discussion.

Here at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, unelected Eurocrats are now demanding access to our fishing waters in exchange for a trade deal.

Previously the EU said that our fishing waters would be part of any future trade deal discussions.

Now they are saying that our fish are directly related to securing a free trade deal.

This is outrageous and quite frankly: blackmail!

We voted to take back control of our fishing waters and they are NOT for sale.

We have some of the richest fishing waters in the world and for too long our fish have been plundered by foreign fishermen, devasting coastal communities all over the country.

Yes I believe a free trade deal with the EU is in our interest, but not with the current terms and conditions being offered.

Boris Johnson needs to stay firm and not give into the bullying from Brussels.