As a prominent Brexiteer in Wales for UKIP Wales as well as Vote Leave, I am honoured and proud that the people of Wales voted against the collective might of the establishment, for Wales to leave the EU.

It is now the duty of the British Government, and the Welsh Government to set aside their differences, and to now work to fulfil the will of the people of Wales and Britain.

I believe that Article 50 should be invoked within weeks, and that the British Government should now start trade deals with nations like Australia, Iceland and New Zealand who have asked to be at the front of the queue.

This is a new dawn. This is an opportunity for our nation to regain our Democracy fully, regain full control of our borders and decide to work with the entire world, and not just one continent.

I fear that the EU and the establishment will work together to stop us from leaving. We must remain vigilant and act as the canaries in the mineshaft for the British people.

Ultimately, trust the British people, they always get it right in the end!

Taken from my speech in the EU Parliament.