Small and medium size businesses are the backbone of the British economy and now that the people have freed themselves from the shackles of Brussels it’s time to invigorate business and encourage entrepreneurs around the country.
It’s time to support the small businesses, the entrepreneurs, the techies, the roof tillers, the retailers, the plumbers, the builders and any other small or medium size business.
Often business rates can be prohibitively high. Small businesses struggle to get finance to set up or expand their businesses. Excessive regulation adds to the huge administrative and financial burdens to the challenges already faced by small businesses.
The Federation of Small Business says 61% of small companies cite ‘regulatory burden’ as a significant factor when closing or downsizing. Now that the UK has voted to leave the EU, we can free British companies from excessive over-regulation and interference from Brussels.
By ending the culture of red tape and by repealing EU regulations and directives, we can start a small and medium size business revolution and make British businesses competitive again in a global market.
It’s also important to encourage local trade, therefore I’m calling for every local authority to offer at least 30 minutes free parking in town centres, high streets and shopping parades; to encourage shoppers into town centres and boost local business.
It’s time we believe in Britain’s small business, in its entrepreneurs, in its team of sole traders, freelancers and self-starters and back them whenever and however we can and use the control that we are regaining from the EU to create a business revolution to get Britain working again.