“Having spoken to the police, I am in no doubt whatsoever that these claims – which are entirely bogus – have been made against me as part of an ongoing strategy to harry me out of position and to damage my reputation at a time when a membership ballot is due to take place. One of the allegations being made, appallingly using a stolen personal bank statement, relates to a simple and honest, lawful transaction using my own money to replace my car. Another sign of the entirely fictitious nature of these claims is an assertion that one of my employees is my brother-in-law: this is demonstrably untrue and will come as a very considerable surprise to him, his wife and family.

“I trust that those wilfully attempting to harm me will face appropriate charges. I find it utterly incredible that this ongoing, baseless and vicious campaign against me is being pursued as a priority by some within UKIP whose morals are deeply questionable. A completely new politics has come into UKIP Wales in the past year and I have suffered ongoing abuse and public slander as a result.

“Anybody can report an MEP to OLAF with or without evidence and they are duty bound to investigate. Such cases are commonplace but sadly can drag on for a long time. I will cooperate fully with that investigation to ensure it is brought to a close as soon as possible.”

“In the meantime, I wish to make it very clear that I have done absolutely nothing wrong and am well aware of who are behind this latest poisonous and deeply malicious attack.”

Nathan Gill MEP.