In light of Team GB’s success at the Rio 2016 Olympics, I wanted to issue this statement of congratulations:

“What an achievement – well done all involved! The athletes, the coaches, the therapists and family and friends. You did this! I think we can smash this record again in Tokyo! You’ve made everyone in Wales & the United Kingdom very proud. Da iawn pawb!

Further, in response to the EU’s claim to have the most successful team at the olympics:

“I am proud of our British athletes and what they have achieved. They represented Great Britain and Northern Ireland and NOT the European Union, who are trying to use Team GB successes for their own propaganda. Significant funding for our Olympians came from the national lottery and British taxpayer.

At least in 2020 for the Tokyo games the EU will be unable to steal the glory of our great nation as by then we will be out of this unfit institution.”