Over the last few weeks I have been receiving a lot of emails in my capacity as MEP for Wales regarding cosmetic testing on animals.

Here’s the response that I have been sending to my constituents:

Thank you for your email. We in UKIP share your concerns and are firmly against testing chemicals used in cosmetics on animals.

We agree about the undemocratic nature of the EU towards animal testing.  In fact, we do not trust the unelected EU Commission to decide on the protection of the environment and animal welfare – the EU has already caused irreparable damage with its environmental policy.

With its independence from the undemocratic European Union, the UK will soon be free to legislate on this issue and be reassured that UKIP will support the ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

Thank you again for writing to me and I shall certainly keep in mind your opinion on this legislative proposal.

As ever, if you still wish to speak to me further on this matter please email me at nathan.gill@europa.europarl.eu.