The Post Office is seeing massive structural changes at present in order to cut costs and streamline the business. Closures have been seen across the whole of the UK, alongside privatisation of the service. Unions have criticised the closures as a bid to save money in order to maximise profits and have accused the company of putting profits before jobs and services.

Nathan commented “I think the closure of so many branches across the UK and especially here in Wales is worrying, and especially worrying is the recent closure of Rossett which is in my region. Jobs will be lost and this is always a concern. I feel for the people who lose out in terms of employment, but equally important is what this does to a community and individuals who rely on local services. Many people still rely on the Post Office. Not everyone here in North Wales is connected online, or can travel to another area to use Post Office services and these people will feel the pinch of these closures. It is often the elderly, the isolated or those less mobile who will bear the brunt of these changes.

”I would urge the Post Office to consider carefully and sensitively the needs of the people in the communities before making decisions based purely on profit.”

New Co-op Proposed For Rossett – While Spar Announces Its Closure