My response to Leanne Wood’s call to remain in the Single Market:

“To say that 200,000 jobs depend on being in the Single Market is deliberately deceptive. Almost every country in the world has access to the Single Market without having to be a member of it. All countries in Europe, EU members or otherwise, trade freely with the Single Market, bar Russia and Belarus. Meanwhile jobs in Wales depend on trade relationships across the globe, with the majority of business being done outside the EU. If we remain in the Single Market then frankly Brexit won’t have been delivered at all; we would have the same regulations, the same restrictions on global trade and the same open door immigration as before.

“That is not what people voted for and Leanne Wood knows that. Scaring people to try to reverse a democratic referendum result, when the country she purports to represent voted by a majority to leave the EU, is plainly wrong. She should be focusing on how we are now free to trade on our own terms across the world, and seek to build strong relationships with both European nations and other countries, instead of trying to smuggle us back into a failing and undemocratic federal bloc by scaring people about their employment.

“I wonder whether she even gets what the Single Market is.”