An email accidentally sent to a Plaid MEP’s constituency mailing list revealed the startling admission that the European Commission made authoritarian decisions without recourse to Member States.

The original email from Jill Evans MEP in response to an enquiry about GMO crops included the following passage:

“The current situation is not democratic, as the authorisation decisions have been made by the Commission, because there was no agreement amongst the Member States. This has become the norm for decision-making on genetically modified (GM) food and feed authorisations.”

In response Nathan Gill MEP has pointed out that many decisions in the EU are taken by the Commission without full consultation as finding consensus among 28 diverse countries is almost always impossible.

“It strikes me as odd that a politician for a political party that advocates remaining in the Single Market while also campaigning for Welsh independence is under no illusions about the increasingly anti-democratic nature of the European Commission. How she can recognise the ills of the decision making apparatus of the EU and yet want to hand Wales over to the project for a federal Europe, all under the guise of Welsh independence, is frankly baffling. However I am pleased to see a non-Eurosceptic voice revealing what we all know as MEPs about how the EU really functions.”