In light of the EU Commission’s decision to recently sign CETA, despite the public backlash, I continue to receive hundreds of emails every week about CETA.

Please see below my general response to CETA. I endeavour to respond to each email I receive.

Yes I will vote against the ratification of CETA, TTIP any other toxic deals that are a real threat to public services not just in the UK, but other EU member states.

These types of deals and the behaviour of the EU Commission are evidence that Brexit is a fantastic opportunity for us to leave the clutches of an unaccountable and unelected Commission in Brussels, and forge our own trade deals with countries around the world. Brexit is an opportunity to establish ourselves as a great nation and forge deals which will help our nation prosper and grow but also protect our public services from exploitation from international corporations and lobbyists.

I was very alarmed to see that although the parliament of Wallonia, a region in Belgium, voted against CETA; threatening to rightfully stall the negotiations on this trade deal with Canada, the EU Commission, as we see time and time again, quashed this decision and the treaty was signed anyway.

As an MEP I receive so many emails from concerned constituents about CETA and TTIP, and to see the EU Commission pushing ahead with this deal, despite the sheer opposition from the public, is shocking.

How glad I am that we will soon be free from this abuse of power at EU supranational level and total disregard for what we the people think.

Rest be assure that until the UK leaves the EU, my colleagues and I will do everything we can to not see CETA, TTIP and other toxic deals ratified.