Nathan Gill AM has hailed the announcement of plans to build a two centre Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute in North Wales as a clear indicator that Wales can have ambition post Brexit.

The project, which will command a total investment of £20m, will see the creation of a hub at the Airbus site in Broughton and another at Deeside Industrial Park where a range of companies can come together to share innovations and ideas.

“The fact that Airbus has agreed to be the principle contributor to the project, and use it for the development of new technology, investing £10m over three years, demonstrates that there is an appetite among international manufacturers to build upon bases here in Britain, post-Brexit” reassured Gill, who himself campaigned to leave the European Union.

“It will bring together the Northern Powerhouse initiative in England and tap into educational institutions and companies in Wales and across the UK to build a high skilled workforce for the future. Those who continue to scaremonger about the impact of Brexit upon scientific research and development and academic collaboration should instead pour their energies into establishing more projects like this.

“We do not need to sit around and await instructions from Brussels to create ambitious initiatives beyond our borders and our departure from the political bloc in no way precludes collaboration with universities and multinational companies around the world.

“This is superb news anyway, but especially at a time when detractors are disseminating scare stories about our future after we leave the EU. This really sets the tone for a positive future.”