I’ve recently had many emails from people concerned about the health and welfare of exotic animals which are being kept as pets. Some require licenses and the licensing process can be a bit hit and miss.

Both the RSPCA and the Blue Cross have been investigating this subject and their reports are here for information.

I am an animal lover and really appreciate the companionship and love that your pet can give you. I do, though, have concerns about the keeping of exotic animals as pets – they are not built to be kept captive and in some cases, they can be dangerous to themselves and their custodians.

There are animal rescue centres the length and breadth of the country, all caring for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, ferrets, mice etc who are crying out for families to take these home as pets. Please consider this option before any other and seek out advice and do your research before you commit, especially in the run up to Christmas. An animal will rely on you and grow to love you and your family.