“Why is it that Leanne Wood repeatedly fails to understand the simplest policy proposal: That the UK should fully control its own borders?

“That does not mean we will stop all immigration. This whole ‘fears over immigration curbs’ narrative is such a clumsy and illogical way of pretending that there are no benefits to controlling your own borders.

“Controlling your borders is just that: control. Ability to decide. It does not mean we will stop all immigration and starve businesses of workers, nor the health service of doctors and nurses.

“A country certainly does not have to be in the EU to offer work permits to Europeans, or people from around the entire world.

“People aren’t suddenly going to no longer want to live and work in our wonderful, welcoming country because we take back full political control of our own affairs.

“It simply means that for the first time in decades, we have absolute control over immigration based upon our national need, based upon our industrial demand, based upon our security concerns and based upon our population size and our ability to look after everyone in society.

“The UK does not need to be in the EU to attract migrant workers. We are one of the most desirable places to live and work which is exactly why we must control our own immigration.

“We now have the opportunity to write our own rules on who we attract, how we welcome them and what we offer to them as an open and advanced society. Leaving the EU is our opportunity to improve, not remove, those things. We are not going to suddenly see talented people, hardworking people and people who want to integrate with us in our society, stop wanting to come to live and work here. In fact as we improve our society for all by adopting those measures, we will only ever increase our appeal and be better able to look after people who come.

“What is harming the UK the most is the perception of the growing cultural divisions that make us appear unwelcoming, the increasing grinding poverty in our big cities resulting from the mass influx of workers we simply can’t accommodate, the failing health and education resources that are product of a spiralling population and the reaction communities naturally have to these problems that make Britain seem like it is no longer the fair, prosperous and welcoming society we know that it should be.”