This is madness! National Grid is required to look at alternatives to pylons, to meet the basic requirements of National Planning statements.

It’s obvious that a line of pylons across Anglesey are going to stand out and spoil views across beautiful open countryside.

National Grid have to look at the costs and benefits of other means of transmission, yet National Grid has operated as if there are no alternatives. Underground cablings needs to be given open and honest consideration. Undergrounding has been used in Europe.

I understand that there are technical issues but, if these can be overcome elsewhere, then why not here? National Grid’s depreciation policy states that assets such as cables and pylons are depreciated over a period of up to 50 years, so investment needs to be assessed not simply as initial cost, but spread over every benefitting customer and over 50 years.

We cannot stand by and watch our countryside ravaged by this pylon scheme, or our property values threatened.