I want Mrs May to announce a ‘clean break’ with the EU that will see the UK pull out of the single market and the customs union.

“I want to hear her say that we will not be part of the customs union, we will not be part of a single market, that we will be making what I would call a ‘clean Brexit’ and that we will actually be doing what the people asked [us] to do, take back control.

“If in any way, shape or form anybody has control of our nation other than us, that is not what we asked for as a people on June 23. So we want a Brexit and I want her to put the people of Britain before anybody else, full stop.”

I do not expect Mrs May to disappoint when she makes her speech tomorrow.

“Do you know what, I actually don’t have any concerns. Maybe that’s naive… but I get the feeling they’ve spent this last six months or so listening to [the] feeling of the people…

“[They] know politically that they have got to deliver what the people have asked for. They’re not fools, they are absolutely not fools – I don’t think for one second think that they are – and I think they are going to deliver.”

I am not concerned about the immediate impact of the speech on the markets, saying: “The British economy is doing better now than just about any economy on the planet and when we do properly leave the EU and the customs union and everything else you will be in a position not only to finalise trade deals [but] also, [if] we need to reduce corporation tax and other things like that in order to make us more competitive we jolly well can do that and there’s nothing that the EU can do to stop it.”