Brexit AM Nathan Gill has welcomed news in Theresa May’s speech that Wales will be involved in the process of leaving, pointing out that Brexit holds great opportunities for Wales.

“It is key that the devolved administrations do have a say in Brexit, not because Brexit will harm us, quite the opposite, because of how much we set to benefit from Brexit. It is a very exciting time.

“Not only have Britons been handed back the right to govern themselves, but in Wales, specific areas of devolution that have been bound by Brussels’ monopoly over great swathes of policy making will now be freed to allow us to make legislation that really suits the needs of Wales.

“This extends from protecting and managing our environment and our fishing waters, to being able to really extend our global trade deals to introducing our own legislation to boost business and the economy such as cutting tax on flights. There is so much we can look forward to doing, and I am keen to get stuck in and help to deliver for Wales all that the wonderful opportunity of Brexit has to offer.”

Nathan Gill is both an AM and an MEP, making him perfectly placed for helping to drive the successes Wales can enjoy in Post-Brexit Britain.