“I am shocked that the Welsh first Minister has decided to join the mass hysteria calling on Trump to be banned from the UK when he is the figurehead of Welsh politics and interests. He has a duty to act pragmatically and diplomatically, not become involved in hyperbolic protest. As First Minister he has no right to order the Queen about the nature of state visits.

This year alone, there are Welsh trade delegations going to New York, San Francisco and Washington. Is he going to order those to be cancelled as long as he disagrees with American policy? If he thinks blocking bilateral visits is the way to protest against another nation’s policies, will he also ban the forthcoming visits by Welsh officials this year to Dubai, where women are jailed for being victims of rape, or Shanghai where there is no such thing as voter democracy, or Saudi Arabia where people are still executed and stoned in the streets, despite them all representing key markets for our economy?

I fail to see the logic in opposing the policy of banning certain people entry into a country, by calling for the ban of their entry into our country, and I certainly do not see the logic of the First Minister becoming embroiled in frivolous and unstatesmanlike behaviour at the cost of Welsh interests.”