“Plaid’s latest publicity stunt reveals just how stupid they are. First of all the Supreme Court ruled that the Senedd can’t block the triggering of Article 50. Secondly, Plaid keep failing to realise that any country not subject to sanctions can trade with the EU single market.

Why don’t they get it?

The fact that for the last five decades the UK has been manufacturing goods in harmony with EU regulations means it really shouldn’t be a stretch to strike trade deal, unless the maths geniuses in Plaid are involved who seem to also forget that the majority of Welsh trade is outside the EU where we currently can’t make tariff free arrangements.

Thankfully the Plaid intelligentsia will be too busy trying to grab headlines and won’t get in the way of the exciting business of looking beyond Europe for how global trade can massively enrich the Welsh economy, once we are free to make our own trade deals again.”