Tomorrow I am going to vote against CETA. Never before have I received so many letters and emails from concerned constituents all over Wales.

EU-Canada negotiations for a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (AKA ‘CETA’) began in May 2009 and were concluded in September 2014. These negotiations were done behind closed doors, between the unelected EU Commission and representatives appointed by the Canadian Government.

I want to briefly explain why I will vote against CETA:

  1. I am here to represent you and our nation. I was elected by you to represent you at the European Parliament. I have read your emails, I have seen your responses to my Twitter poll and I have spoken with a range of businesses and organisations, and the overwhelming response has been to reject CETA.
  2. Democracy, or should I say: the lack of democracy! CETA was negotiated in secret and is an accurate reflection of how opaque EU negotiation and legislation are.
  3. If CETA were a genuine move towards free trade designed to benefit ordinary people, I would support this deal. However, I do not believe CETA is designed to benefit citizens; instead, it benefits big businesses and global corporations. Further, I have particular concerns about the Investor Dispute Resolution provisions to which I object most strongly.

Brexit provides us with the wonderful opportunity to take back control of our laws and the ability to make trade deals that will help our nation prosper.

Let me know your thoughts below in the comments or email me at

Nathan Gill MEP