Research has show that families with disabled children have higher costs, but lower incomes than other families. The extra costs relating to a child’s condition can be £300 or more every month, with 84% of families with disabled children having gone without leisure and days out.

For over forty years the Family Fund’s main function has been to help redress this balance by distributing public money across the UK in the form of grants to families with sick and disabled children.

The administrations in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland have all maintained their financial commitment to low income families with disabled children by supporting the Family Fund, but since 2016 the Welsh Government has chosen to cut their contribution by £5.5million over three years.

The annual reduction to the Family Fund is £1.83 million.

There are 5,429 eligible families in Wales amounting to £337 per family. This adds up to just over 2 TV licences, a month’s grocery shopping or a little more than a day’s allowance for an unelected Lord.

The amount of money received is small, but the difference it makes in the lives of these family members is huge.

Anyone voting against this motion is out of touch with real people and they need to get out into the real world.

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