Responding to reports that North Wales Police paid £45k to cover a burglar’s phone bill, Nathan Gill AM MEP said:

“Like many of my constituents, I find it complete unacceptable that the tax payer is footing this bill. I am astonished at the official response given by North Wales Police, which seems to remove any sense of responsibility. When £45k of tax payer’s money is spent on a convicted criminal’s phone bill, responsibility has to be assumed and action must be taken. The question I am asking myself is why the offenders weren’t required to sign a contract.

The report also sheds light on other administrative errors in the North Wales Police force, as they also failed to notice that they were paying around £70k a month for a phone service that wasn’t in use, spending around £500k of tax payer’s money in overpayments, before this error was detected.

I will be writing to North Wales Police as a matter of urgency to understand what specific measures have been put in place to ensure that this money is spent on frontline services, to ensure that our communities are kept safe, and not paying for burglar’s phone bills.”