Yesterday, in the European Parliament, UKIP put forward around 10 amendments to the “Brexit Resolution”. I voted against the Resolution and supported the UKIP amendments because I don’t feel like the original Resolution, which was presented to the Parliament, reflected the Brexit vote.

Lots of you have asked for the specific UKIP amendments that the UK Labour Party voted against. Here they are:

Trade (Amendments 17 and 18)

  • Labour voted against UK starting trade negotiations with third countries
  • Labour voted against discussing EU-UK tariff free trade agreement during negotiations

Budget (Paragraph 11 split vote 2 and Amendments 12, 13 and 14)

  • Labour voted for further financial contributions after the UK has withdrawn
  • Labour voted against the recognition that there is no legal obligation for the UK to contribute further to the budget after withdrawal
  • Labour voted against rejecting the EU divorce bill

Judicial matters (Paragraph 17 split vote 2, Paragraph 28 split vote 2 and Amendment 19)

  • Labour voted in favour of allowing the ECJ to be guardians of the withdrawal agreement
  • Labour voted against ending the jurisdiction of the ECJ in the UK

Reciprocal rights (Amendment 8)

  • Labour voted against defending rights of UK citizens in the EU

Northern Ireland (Amendment 20)

  • Labour voted against saying that the Common Travel Area (CTA) is not dependent on EU membership

Gibraltar (Amendments 10 and 11)

  • Labour abstained on not using negotiations to question the sovereignty of Gibraltar
  • Labour against rejecting paragraph 22 of the Council guidelines which gives Spain rights to veto

Free movement (Amendment 9)

  • Labour voted against saying free movement must end

Fishing (Amendment 15)

  • Labour voted against repatriating fishing policy

Why the Leave vote won (Amendment 7)

  • Labour voted against acknowledging that controlling immigration, ending financial contributions and repatriating powers were the reasons why the Leave vote won.