This morning we heard President Juncker’s State of the Union speech and what a state the union is in!

President Juncker used wonderfully descriptive analogies involving body parts and longsuffering love to promote his personal vision for the future of the European Union.

You’ll be surprised to hear that I didn’t think his speech was completely out of touch, in fact, he feels strongly that we should all be allowed to have the freedom to speak our minds.

So, thanks President Juncker! Allow me to share some thoughts on your speech.

What is absolutely clear from this speech is that President Juncker wants an ever closer union, where every EU Member State is in the Schengen Zone and the Eurozone. No more opt outs and no more multi-speed Europe.

This is despite Brexit, despite growing Euroscepticism across the Union and despite increasing distain and distrust of EU leaders. People and politicians across the EU want stronger borders and their national, directly-elected governments to have the power to make decisions.

We heard about plans to get an EU Army, a new powerful EU President and a Finance Minister who has the power to intervene in national economic policy.

Thank goodness we are Leaving the EU!

Thank goodness that we will be able to control our borders, to make our own laws and spend our own money. Thank goodness we will be able to sack politicians we don’t like and make trade deals with countries around the world.

Thank goodness for Brexit!