“Wales voted by majority to leave the EU but this crucial bill which demanded Brussels begin trade talks with the UK to secure strong progress and security after Brexit was shockingly voted down or abstained from by all other Welsh MEPs. A recent snap poll by Sky and an in depth report by Oxford University and the London School of Economics both show that an overwhelming majority of British people are frustrated with Brussels obstructive attitude and now support a so-called ‘Hard’ Brexit. And yet the very people Welsh voters granted the honour of representing them in the European Parliament, are now flatly refusing to be their voice and are deliberately subverting the democratic will of the Welsh people. I am proud to say that I am their voice, but sadly I alone am not enough. MEPs will have to vote on the final Brexit deal in Brussels, and likely on further issues during the course of the ongoing negotiations, and if this is the attitude of other MEPs then I am sorry to say that it appears they are intent on throwing a spanner in the works to keep a grip on their well paid jobs. It is an utter disgrace and the people of Wales deserve to know the truth. It must not be a case of ‘out of sight out of mind’ when MEPs are the public’s elected representatives in Brussels at this most critical time.”