We don’t yet know how this funding will be allocated, as we don’t yet know what the outcome of trade talks in Brussels will be. Yet it is pragmatic to assume that there could well be some companies who face a financial deficit dependent upon what the outcomes of those negotiations are. This does not in any way imply Brexit won’t be a great success overall, but that any big political change is likely to incur costs for some people at the outset and that they may need to be accommodated.

However, what we really do need from the top right now is inspiration and leadership. Brexit gifts Wales, for the very first time since devolution, the opportunity to completely rewrite how it does business with the world. Yet instead of seizing this incredible new freedom, what we largely hear from the First Minister is lamenting leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union that has stymied the Welsh economy for decades. It is high time that he enthusiastically embraced the referendum result and set a new agenda of promoting Welsh produce to new international markets and lead the exploration into a 21st century way of revitalising our agricultural and fishing sectors, to name just two.

My message to the First Minister is that whilst it seems that he has finally accepted that Brexit is happening through the creation of this fund, it is now time to put his mouth where his money is and actually start talking up the great potential that lies ahead by leading with creativity, positivity and forward thinking.