Over the Christmas period I sent out a leaflet about the EU’s Single Market to every single household in Wales. I have been inundated with responses, both positive and negative. Here’s my reaction.

It’s not particularly nice being on the losing side.

But every culture in every age has given adages and proverbs about the importance of humility in defeat, clouds with silver linings, one door opening as another one shuts…

Yet, the response I received to a leaflet that I produced for every household in Wales on the EU Single Market, it would appear many Remoaners are very sore losers indeed.

Worse still, so many are still unable to admit straight forward facts that they know you, the public, simply don’t want to hear.

Staying in the Single Market would mean continuing with the status quo. We wouldn’t be writing our own rules on anything, or negotiating our own trade deals, or governing our own farming or fishing, we would continue to have to accept free movement of people and we would still be paying Brussels to run our lives for us.

Surely leaving all of that is what Brexit is all about?

Forging a new way ahead for the first time in generations thanks to our new found freedom after a successful referendum.

Yet so many of the Welsh political establishment keep trying to drag us back under Brussels control, many by telling us that we must remain in the Single Market.


Are they too afraid to lead from the front, to be the authors of our nation’s destiny? Are they really happier if we have everything dictated to us by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, so they don’t have to do any work?

Given the amount of misinformation that has been circulating, I thought it was time to give people of Wales the truth. Yet in response to the leaflet I sent out before Christmas, factually outlining what the Single Market is and does, I have received a torrent of angry responses, none of them remotely rational.

From a piece of coal mailed to my MEP office, to a leaflet returned with ‘NO BREXIT’ scrawled over it in black marker pen, the emotional outburst has been amusing.

Yet revealingly, not a single person has disputed the facts inside the leaflet.

With more information than ever before at our fingertips, the will of the majority of people is still with Brexit.

And no amount of tantrums or outbursts can take that away.

If you want to get in touch about the leaflet, please email me at nathan.gill@europarl.europa.eu