Wales voted to Leave and we want our Members of UK Parliament to respect the Brexit vote!

You can find out who your MP is here.

I have put together this letter which you can send to them. Please let me know their response!

Dear MP,

As one of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the European Union, I am becoming increasingly alarmed at the appetite of the political establishment to ignore the democratic will of the majority of voters who participated in the referendum of 2016.

There was never a question during the campaign about whether withdrawing from EU membership could imply staying within the Customs Union or Single Market. Given that both involve significant loss of sovereignty on forging independent trade deals and control over major issues such as immigration and regulation, it is quite clear that remaining in either entity fails to deliver on the very simple answer to the question: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

Indeed, the Government’s own published guidance ahead of the referendum made it quite clear that leaving the EU would almost certainly involve giving up full membership of the Single Market.

Given that the referendum was billed as a once in a lifetime opportunity for the British public to have a final say on our membership of the EU, and that the result was transparently and democratically delivered, it is no less than a subversion of democracy for elected members, chosen by their constituents to represent the electorate and not their own interests, to block the delivery of this key political mandate.

I therefore urge you to uphold the vital responsibility you have as essential to your official appointment to be at the service of the British public by acknowledging and obeying their democratic right to have their vote adhered to.

It has become clear that internal frustrations to the Brexit process make Britain appear weak on the world stage and jeopardises our ability to strongly negotiate best terms for the nation.

I, as a voter, will be keenly observing the choices made by those whom we have granted elected office and will seek to cooperate with others who wish to champion democracy to ensure politicians remain fully accountable during this process.

Yours Sincerely.