This article was written by Jared Richard who is currently completing an internship with the office of Nathan Gill MEP.

The Welsh Government is woefully unprepared for Brexit and wildly out of touch with Welsh Voters.

Earlier this month, the External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee of the National Assembly for Wales published a document in which they detailed the responses of various public sectors in Wales on their perceived preparation for Brexit. What may either be a surprise, or a confirmation of suspicion for voters all over the country, is that the Welsh Government is woefully unprepared for Brexit and wildly out of touch with Welsh voters.

You can read the report here.

This document aims to summarise the steps that the Welsh Government has taken thus far to prepare for post-Brexit. The Committee evaluated the Welsh Government’s preparation for a “no deal Brexit scenario” and found that insufficient measures have been taken and there’s no real plan in place for a situation which is looking increasingly likely.

Whether it be because the UK Government is failing to keep Wales informed, or that specific actions for specific results are unreasonable requests, during a time demarcated by unprecedented and amorphous policy reformation, Wales is at a loss. There is less evidence to show that the Welsh Government is doing anything to prepare, and more evidence to show that their time is spent primarily speculating.

The document seems to perpetuate a tone of helplessness and confusion, as the Welsh Government scrambles to keep up with the wishes of Welsh voters. There is clarity in explaining how negotiations and deals with the EU are of urgent necessity, but there is a lack of detail when it comes to what the Welsh Government has already done to prepare for Brexit, or what the Government will do in the future.

If the Welsh Government is to deliver the Brexit that the people of Wales voted for, they need to start planning for every Brexit outcome. It’s their responsibility to ensure that the will of the voters is carried out and that Brexit is a success for Wales.