Plaid Cymru has insisted that the UK needs to stay in the EU’s Single Market in order to maintain British workers’ rights. This is more scaremongering and fake news from Project Fear. In Wales we voted to Leave the EU, including the Single Market, because we want a brighter and better future for our country.

Thanks to the Centre for Welsh Studies for fact checking Plaid’s latest slander.

Do we need to stay in the Single Market in order to protect our rights at work? Well, let the facts speak for themselves:

  1. Paid holiday leave: EU – 4 weeks, UK – 5.6 weeks
  2. Maternity leave: EU – 14 weeks, UK – 52 weeks
  3. Maternity pay: EU – no minimum pay, UK – 90% for 6 weeks, then £140 for 33 weeks
  4. Equal pay: The UK introduced the Equal Pay Act in 1970, BEFORE we joined the EU.