Have you heard of “Article 13”?

Article 13 is a provision in the proposed EU Copyright Directive mandating that all content uploaded to the internet be monitored and potentially deleted if a likeness to existing copyrighted content is detected.

In other words: the EU wants to censor the internet.

Everybody will be affected by this law, creators and consumers alike.

If you are a creator or an independent business, the content that you upload to the internet to share with your audience could be deleted without your consent.

Article 13 will affect the sharing of memes, links, code sharing platforms, the ability to remix music tracks, write blog posts, host live streams; everything will be affected.

Online platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and others will be required to implement complex and expensive filtering systems and will be held liable for copyright infringement, potentially incurring fines.

Article 13 will restrict our ability to communicate through gifs and memes and sharing videos of our friends singing karaoke.

The internet will stop being a place for social, fun and useful interactions and become a bureaucratic and restrictive labyrinth.

The European Commission and the Council want to destroy the Internet as we know it and allow big companies to control what we see and do online.

Once again we see Brussels putting the big corporations before citizens and we see paperwork and censorship stop us from speaking freely and sharing our ideas.