This summer has been rather overcast when it comes to Brexit.

Just two months ago the Prime Minister and her cabinet presented the Chequers proposal in a desperate attempt to get a deal with the European Union.

Since that cabinet meeting, David Davis has resigned as the Brexit minister, half a dozen other MPs also resigned as ministers, Boris Johnson resigned as the Foreign Secretary, polling suggests that the majority of the country wants to chuck Chequers and even Michel Barnier himself has said that the proposal is now dead.

The current Chequers proposal, backed by the new Brexit secretary Dominic Raab, would see the UK treated as an EU country within the Customs Union, abiding by the same rules and regulations that we have now.

Although Chequers is vague on a what a future trade agreement would look like, how immigration will be reduced and our fishing waters protected, what is clear is that we are NOT taking back control.

Chequers raises just as many questions as it gives answers. Neither side is going to be happy: we are neither going to Remain or Leave the EU.

The current proposal doesn’t get us the Brexit we voted for. It just means that Brussels still makes the rules and we obey them.

It’s looking increasingly likely that we will not agree a deal with the EU by the October deadline, so there’s only one option:

Chuck Chequers and walk away.