Yesterday morning President Juncker presented his annual State of the Union and what a state the Union is in!

The European Parliament has voted to strip Hungary of its voting rights and shortly after that, approved plans to allow big tech companies to filter and censor your online content.

But, back to President Juncker’s speech.

In short, he called for more centralisation, fewer internal borders and a 10,000 strong EU Border Force.

This speech was all about power. More power for Brussels!

Even Guy Verhofstadt, the crazy, EU federalist fanatic, said that Mr Juncker should be more ambitious and get Brussels to control more things, in fact everything, including taxation and more voting rights over foreign policy.

Brussels looks down with distain on all those in Europe who are loyal to their countries and respect their flags, but expects complete and utter loyalty to a supreme, federal European Union with millions of EU Citizens waving the blue flag with golden stars.

The question now is this: when we leave the EU, will we leave ALL of it?

Will we still be around before some of these new directives kick in, or will we have the courage to leave, on our terms and according to our timescale?