Over the last couple of months I have received thousands of emails from people in Wales and all over Europe who are concerned about Article 13 of the EU’s Copyright Directive.

I agreed with your concerns about the censorship of your online content and I voted AGAINST Article 13 yesterday.

Article 13 requires big tech companies and social media platforms to use automated filters and sophisticated algorithms to block any image, video, meme, text or audio that appears to have copyrighted material, whether it has been used legally or not.

This affects your ability to create content and your right to free speech and will result in the large scale removal of material without any adequate review or safeguards.

Well, unfortunately, the entertainment industry successfully lobbied hundreds of MEPs over the summer and the European Parliament voted in favour of the proposal yesterday afternoon.

The good news is that this is NOT law yet, as this Directive will now be discussed in trilogue negotiations, but as we see with Brussels, it’s always about restricting free speech, supporting the lobbyists and getting more power.

Our free speech is in jeopardy and we must act now before it’s too late.

Brussels censorship cannot be allowed to restrict our right to express ourselves freely online.