This is what Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer said yesterday at the Labour conference.

Just what does he mean by “Nobody is ruling out Remain as an option”?

If there is no deal and a breakdown in the Brexit negotiations with Brussels, Labour delegates have approved a motion that would keep ALL options, including a second referendum, on the table.

Labour have also said that if there is not a fresh General Election, there must be a people’s vote.

I think Keir Starmer needs to be reminded of a few things:

Number one. We already had a people’s vote in June 2016.

Number two. The majority of people voted to LEAVE the European Union.

Number three. Labour has constantly told us that the referendum result was must be respected.

So the question is: why is Labour not listening to voters? Why ignore the result of the democratic, once in a generation people’s vote that we already had?

A second referendum would reopen the wounds of Brexit at a time when the country needs to heal and to get on with carrying out the will of the people.