Just imagine if there were hundreds of thousands of people asking for the June 2017 General Election result to be overturned because they didn’t like the outcome. It would be an absurd idea, and nobody would take it seriously! Yet, those marching in London on Saturday demanding for a so-called “People’s Vote” had just one intention: they want to overturn the result of the largest democratic exercise ever in British political history.

Let us never forget that the British people have never voted in such large numbers for any politician, political issue, or political party as they did to Leave the European Union in June 2016. 17.4 million people all over the United Kingdom voted to take back control from Brussels, after a lengthy campaign period in which both sides were able to present their arguments.

The “People’s Vote” is just another name for a second referendum.

Nobody can agree on what the question should be, what the options on the ballot paper would be, or even what would happen after this second vote. A second referendum would do nothing to heal the toxic tensions that we now have across the country. We now have a greater divide and even more distrust between the political class the people.

When the likes of Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, Lord Adonis, Sadiq Khan and other Remoaners tell us that we were misinformed, liars, cheats, racists and stupid, they not only make a fool of 17.4 million people, they make a mockery of our democracy.

We had a People’s Vote and we voted to leave.