Immigration was a massive issue during the EU referendum campaign.

In Leaving the European Union we voted to take back control of our borders and immigration policy by Leaving the EU’s Single Market.

The Migration Advisory Committee has finally released its long-awaited report on what kind of immigration policy the UK Government should introduced post-Brexit.

Their proposals would get rid of the annual limit on the number of work permits available, lower the current skills threshold from university degree level to A-Level and get rid of any prior checks on whether there are British workers available for the job.

This is not taking back control! At long last we have the opportunity of introducing an immigration policy which is not only fair and flexible but puts British people first.

The effect of the Migration Advisory Committee’s would be to expose at least seven million high and medium skilled workers in the UK to massively increase competition from a huge global pool of talent.

The impacts on population and public services would be largely ignored, as would the interests of the four million unemployed and under-employed workers we have in the UK.

Basically, these proposals would risk a disastrous explosion of immigration levels, similar to what we saw under Labour in 1997.

We voted to take back control and we want a fair and flexible immigration policy that reduces the number of people coming to Britain.