Since the Prime Minister unveiled the worst deal in history, I have received hundreds of messages from people all over the country asking me what this deal will mean for the UK.

Here are some of the worst parts of this disastrous deal:

  • Once ratified there is no legal route for us to get out of this Agreement, unless the EU agrees to let us out and then replace it with another Agreement.
  • We are locked into a Customs Union with the EU and we have no decision-making powers. So, although the Prime Minister is correct to say that we can now make our own trade deals, we are not able to set our own tariff and tax rates, as Brussels will do this for us.
  • There is no obligation for the EU to speed up negotiations with the UK towards getting a future trade deal, or even to get a deal at all.
  • The “backstop” would see the annexation of Northern Ireland into the EU for laws relation to goods, customs and taxes. Neither the UK Parliament or the Northern Ireland Assembly would have any power or say over these laws.
  • The transition period sees most EU laws continuing to apply in the UK, enforced by the ECJ. But we will be excluded from all meetings, elections and appointments with any EU institution, meaning that we will truly be a vassal state.
  • This transition period was supposed to end at the end of 2020, but the Agreement states it will end by 20XX, meaning that it could apply until 2099.
  • During all of this time we will be bound by EU law, our fishing industry subject to EU boats in our waters and quotas and rules imposed by Brussels.

These are just a few of the worst parts of the worst deal in history.

Make no mistake: this is a terrible deal for the UK and NOT what we voted for.

Contact your MP NOW and tell them to vote against it!