What a tragedy that our party has descended to this unfortunate situation. We changed the face of politics in the UK, and indeed across the world. We “created Brexit”, but sadly we had no power over how it was carried out. Nigel to me was and is “Mr Brexit”.

UKIP was a vehicle to get us to where we wanted and where we needed to be. Like that family banger that evokes many happy memories (and a few tearful ones too), it has now run its course, and is heading for the knacker’s yard.

I was proud of my UKIP membership and I was proud of what we achieved. I wanted my lasting legacy to be that we fought for our freedom and won. We “did Brexit”!

I am now horrified at the thought that our legacy will now be “oh, weren’t you a member of UKIP, that racist party?” When I joined, it was a group of patriots who believed in the impossible dream. We achieved the impossible and all that has been swept away in a foolish venture. At the very moment we should be saving our Brexit we are being sidelined and ignored by the media, except to talk about Tommy Robinson, who isn’t even a Brexiteer, or a member of the party!

Nigel did what he had to do, and I have seen him agonise over all of this. I have put 15 years of my life into UKIP, and all of my colleagues have been through absolute hell for this party and our country, but we did it gladly because it was worth it.

I hope that history will be honest, fair and kind to Nigel, and the rest of us. Our hearts were pure and true with Brexit.