Over a month ago, under rule 130 of the European Parliament, I submitted the following priority question for written answer to the Vice-President of the Commission / High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs
and Security Policy:

The Ukrainian Parliament has voted in favour of sanctions against various news broadcasters, such
as NewsOne TV and 112, which may now be forced to terminate their activities. Freedom of
expression and freedom of the media are fundamental commitments of the Ukraine under the terms
of the Association Agreement signed with the EU. How will the EU ensure that there is freedom of the
press in the Ukraine and that the terms of the Association Agreement are honoured?

I have now received the following answer from Vice-President Mogherini:

The EU attaches the highest importance to the freedom of expression and media. The issue is part of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and it is therefore part of the discussions with Ukrainian authorities in our regular dialogues, such as the annual human rights dialogue and the Association Council. In the joint statement of the last EU-Ukraine Summit on 9 July 2018, both sides reaffirmed their commitment to media pluralism.

While all countries have the right to ensure their national security and protect their citizens, this must be done in full respect of fundamental rights and freedoms, including the European Convention for Human Rights, and following international standards.

The EU will continue to monitor the media landscape and the situation of freedom of expression and media in Ukraine and discuss all related questions with Ukrainian authorities.