In a stunning move to put her premiership before the voice of the people, Theresa May cancelled Parliament’s vote on her Brexit deal.

What baffles me, and people all over the country, is that she intends to go back toBrussels to get assurances over the so-called “backstop”, yet Brussels has stated very clearly that they are NOT open to further renegotiations regarding the wording of the Brexit deal.

Also ,if she has called the vote off because she believed that she wouldn’t get it through Parliament, why does she still believe this is the best vote forBritain?

This is the worst deal in history! Remainers and Brexiteers alike do NOT want this deal.

Theresa May says she has been listening, but she has her fingers in her ears. We don’t want assurances on the “backstop”, we don’t want this deal!

Brexit is about two things: trust and taking back control.

The Prime Minister lost the public’s trust a long time ago after her General Election U-turn. We simply do not trust a word that is uttered out of her mouth!

The Prime Minister’s deal does not take back control of our laws, our money, our borders, our fishing waters and our democracy.