One of the major reasons people voted to LEAVE the European Union was to take back control of immigration.

Brexit is the ONLY opportunity that our politicians have to make promises to reduce immigration and deliver on those promises.

According to a Channel 4 poll from June 2018 73% of Brits want the Government to honour their manifesto pledge to reduce net migration from the current 273,000 per year, to the ‘tens of thousands’.

68% say immigration places too much pressure on public services.

Since 2001, immigration has added about a million to our population every 3 years – about 3 times the size of Cardiff. This growth has been too fast and we haven’t been able to plan accordingly.

The UK is already one of ten most gridlocked countries in the world as we haven’t been able to upgrade our existing road infrastructure quick enough to handle the increased volume of traffic.

Immigration is projected to account for about half of future housing demand, which means that we need to build a new home every six minutes day and night, for the next 20 years, just to build enough new homes for new arrivals.

Immigration has absolutely provided some positive benefits to our local communities, our economy and our country, but the Government must recognise the genuine concerns of people all over the country.

Brexit is the only opportunity we have to finally get it right when it comes to immigration and the Government must NOT waste this opportunity.