I wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year and to ask if you’re ready for our long-awaited independence from Brussels!

2019 is the year where the UK finally leaves the EU and starts to forge a brand-new future trading with countries around the world.

This is the year that we make Britain great again, well, only if we had politicians who believed in our great country.

Yesterday the UK Government suffered another Brexit set back when MPs backed measures to thwart preparations for a no deal Brexit.

Thankfully yesterday’s Finance Bill amendment was about minor changes to tax law and the move was rather tokenistic by Remainers, but it reminds us of how much work we still have in order to get our Brexit.

The majority of MPs want a soft Brexit, to ignore Brexit or worse, to stop Brexit, whilst the majority of the PEOPLE want Brexit.

In Proverbs we read: “where there is no vision, the people perish”.

We have a Parliament full of short-sighted traitors who will go at great lengths to silence the will of the people.

We the people voted for Brexit because we have a magnificent vision of how to make Britain great again.

We voted for Brexit then and we still want it NOW.