The new First Minister for Wales, Mark Drakeford, says that a no deal Brexit would be a disaster for Wales and that he would back a second referendum.

Do you know what would I think would be a disaster for Wales?

It would be a disaster if 854,572 people were ignored. Just in case Mark Drakeford has forgotten: Wales voted to LEAVE.

The majority of people in Wales voted to leave the EU, whether or not we got a deal with Brussels.

Mark Drakeford, the new Project Fear prophet in Wales is predicting that Welsh businesses will not be able to export, inflation will rise and the NHS and public services will be severely compromised because of a self-defeating migration policy.

The Welsh First Minister is wrong on every single one of these points and he’s completely out of touch with people all over Wales.

The Welsh Government should spend less time criticising the biggest democratic exercise in British history and more time preparing to deliver a Brexit that works for Wales.

Wales voted to take back control and we expect our politicians to not only remember how we voted, but to carry out our wishes.