Tomorrow the UK Parliament will finally have its chance to vote on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal, after the vote was pulled more than a month to go. Remember, this is the worst deal in history and I have been urging people all over Wales to write to their MP to reject the deal.

So where are we with the Brexit deal?

The Prime Minister pulled the vote on her Brexit deal in December and said that she would seek further reassurances from Brussels. Brussels said that there would be no further reassurances or renegotiations. More than a month has passed and the Prime Minister is again putting the SAME deal before Parliament and has NOT secured the promised assurances.

So we have wasted a whole month doing nothing and nobody wants this deal anyway. It’s the worst deal in history and does not deliver the Brexit that the British people voted for.

Let’s ramp up preparations for a no deal Brexit and use the £39 billion that we were going to give to Brussels, to British businesses and our public services to offset the initial costs of a no deal Brexit.

This is a historic moment for our country! Our political class must now deliver the Brexit that we voted for back in June 2016.

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