Anyone who believes in a United Kingdom free to make trade deals around the world and to have power to make real change at home should be appalled by the deal that the Prime Minister have negotiated with the European Union.

Here are 10 reasons to reject the Prime Minister’s deal:

  1. The UK will be trapped with no ability to walk away
  2. The UK will be giving money for nothing in return
  3. The UK will become a rule-taker rather than being a rule-maker
  4. The UK will still be subject to the ECJ
  5. Northern Ireland will remain in the Single Market, constitutionally separating Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK
  6. We will not take back control of our fishing waters
  7. The integrity of our Union will be at threat. If Northern Ireland receives special treatment, why shouldn’t other UK nations be treated differently by the EU too?
  8. This deal betrays democracy. Why bother to vote if we are going to be ignored?
  9. This deal betrays the will of the people
  10. This is a weak deal which means that the future trade agreement will likely be very bad