Thanks to last night’s amendments we are now in a situation where Parliament rejects a “no deal Brexit”, but backs the Prime Minister’s deal IF she can get Brussels to scrap the backstop.

The EU has ALREADY said “no” to any renegotiation on the backstop so where do we go from here?

Let us not forget that the Prime Minister’s deal is STILL the worst deal in history and does not deliver the Brexit that 17.4 million people voted for over two and a half years ago.

Even if the EU gives way on the backstop, which it won’t, we will NOT be taking back control.

I think we are going to witness one of the biggest capitulations in modern British history.

The closer we get to March 29th the more MPs from both sides of the House will start to panic and will accept the worst deal in history in order to avoid a no deal Brexit.

Where have all the great statesmen and stateswomen gone? We have been left with a Parliament stuffed full of traitors! Politicians who have allowed Brussels to rule the affairs of our great country and have reduced our Parliament to a puppet parliament.

Our country is a shadow of its former self thanks to politicians who don’t care about those who elected them.

Write to your MP today to tell them to back a no deal Brexit, allowing people and businesses all over the country as much time as possible to prepare for the future.