After months of deciding which side she backs, Theresa the Appeaser has decided to back the Remainers in her Cabinet and offer the possibility of her version of Brexit (the worst deal in history!), an extension to Article 50 or even a second referendum (by not taking the lead on getting Brexit and possibly allowing Labour to win a snap General Election).

After every statement we have more questions than answers and with just 30 days to go, we are none the wiser as to when we will be leaving and on what terms.

The Prime Minister has decided to go down a route that goes contrary to the will of the people and she has the following questions to answer:

  • What if MPs voted both against No Deal and also against seeking an extension to Article 50?
  • What would government policy be on No Deal and Article 50 extension if put to a vote? Would ministers and Tory MPs get a free vote or be whipped, and if so, which way?
  • What happens if MPs sought a short Article 50 extension for, say, two or three months, but the EU would only offer it for a longer period with strings attached?
  • What happens if there is an extension to Article 50 but the same impasse over the deal remained at the end of that period?

Whatever the answer to these questions I feel I speak for all those who voted for Brexit when I say that we are sick and tired of the delays, the blackmail, the bullying and the broken promises.

Theresa May promised to deliver on the will of the British people, but she has allowed herself to be backed into a corner by Brussels over the so-called backstop and she’s now allowing the UK Parliament to remove the only sensible way to deliver on the referendum.

This is completely unacceptable!