This week MPs will have the opportunity to vote again on the worst deal in history. If the Prime Minister’s deal is voted down as expected, MPs will have the opportunity to vote on taking a “no deal Brexit” off the table and extending Article 50.

In June 2016, almost 3 years ago, despite all of the doom and gloom of Project Fear, the British people voted to take back control and leave the European Union.

If MPs back the Prime Minister’s deal, which will see us become a vassal state and a rule taker, or if they vote to take a “no deal Brexit” off of the table, or even to extend and thereby delay Brexit by even a few months, it’s not just our democracy that will be at stake. We will see the very small slither of trust that we have in our political system and in our elected representatives dissolved into nothing but small speckles of dust.

Poof, just like that, all trust and hope in a system that puts the people first, gone!

In order for truth, honour and trust to prevail, our politicians must understand why we voted to leave and why we believe in Brexit. When our politicians understand the reasons why we would vote to leave all over again, they will realise that our freedom has no price and our ambitions are not too lofty.

We voted to leave and we expect our politicians to ensure that we leave on March 29th 2019.