In June 2016 the people of Wales voted to leave the European Union.

3 years later in May 2019, in an election that should not have been held, the people of Wales elected 2 Members of European Parliament for the Brexit Party, on a mandate of a no deal Brexit. A clean break Brexit!

A Brexit that would honour the result of the referendum. A referendum result that the other parties have tried to ignore or failed to deliver.

The political class are doing everything they can to disobey the will of the people who elected them there in the first place.

The Brexit Party is here to ensure that the voices of 17.4 million people continue to be heard: loud and clear.

Labour despises your decision to leave.

The Conservatives have failed and continue to fail to deliver your decision to leave.

The only party committed to respecting the result of the referendum and standing up for the 17.4 million is the Brexit Party.