We are witnessing the destruction of our democracy.

The very country who founded parliamentary democracy and exported it to countries around the world is allowing anti-democrats sitting in both Houses of Parliament to make a mockery of our constitution and the voices of 17.4 million people.

Parliament is now a dead parliament and no longer serves the interests of the very people who elected it.

The majority is not only being silenced, they are being betrayed!

The only way to end the deadlock, is to deliver Brexit!

We can’t go on with the uncertainty, the broken promises, the expired deadlines and the twists and turns that threaten to engulf our country into a bitter war of words that will last for a generation.

We must honour the principles of our democracy and remember the rights of the British people.

Now is the time to come together and to respect the result of the referendum.

Now is the time to deliver Brexit by October 31st and change politics for good!